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    What is the best time to get pregnant?

    Pregnancy is a natural phenomenon that most women will experience. It is a period when woman’s body undergoes drastic physical changes in order to accommodate to the needs of developing fetus as well as to prepare for child’s birth. During pregnancy women often experience a crisis associated with the process of gestation. Pregnancy, as wonderful as it may seem for those who aspire to become parents, can also be a source of stress for people who are not prepared to face its challenges.

    The ideal age and time

    A woman is able to sire a child as soon as she reaches reproductive age. Menarche is considered to be the onset of the reproductive age – from this moment till menopause, a woman is considered to be fertile which means that she can easily get pregnant. However, obstetricians and other medical experts have deemed that the most appropriate and best time for getting pregnant is between 18-35 years old.

    Women who get pregnant before the age of 18 are more predisposed to complications like anemia, placenta previa and premature delivery. It was also scientifically proven that adolescent mothers often give birth to infants with lower birth weight comparing to older mothers. Pregnancy complications arise because the body has not yet reached full maturity and is not entirely capable to deal with such drastic changes that pregnancy cause.

    Getting pregnant beyond the age of 35 also predisposes women to have more complications. A study conducted at the University of Kuopio revealed that older pregnant women are more exposed to the risk of high blood pressure, miscarriages and are more likely to give birth to babies with Down’s syndrome.

    Pregnant woman

    Before getting pregnant it is important that a woman is emotionally ready to have a baby

    Other medical conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular problems are also more common in case of older women, thus making it unsafe for them to undergo the stress of pregnancy.

    Pre-pregnancy evaluation

    A woman who desires to become pregnant should undergo several physical evaluations to determine potential medical contraindications that may put her and the baby at danger. If  a woman or her baby have an increased chance of occurring health issues, this type of pregnancy is called High-risk. Common problems of such pregnancy usually include cardiovascular abnormalities like left or right sided heart failure, diabetes mellitus, asthma or infections.

    Emotional readiness

    Before getting pregnant it is important that a woman is emotionally ready to have a baby. She has to accept the pregnancy and be aware of all changes it may have on her body. A woman who readily embraces her state of being pregnant is usually more adherent to her check-up routines, diet specifications and avoids activities that may be harmful to her baby.

    As mentioned above, a variety of emotional and psychological changes may happen upon pregnancy.  Emotional liability is common among pregnant women. Their partners may also observe a change in their sexual habits. Another common psychological effect of pregnancy is the loss of self-esteem. This is due to the bodily changes that happen especially in the third trimester of pregnancy, wherein a woman losses her pre-pregnancy figure. It is important for a woman and her partner to know and understand that these changes are natural parts of pregnancy.

    Financial issues

    It may seem a little trivial for some people but financial stability is an important matter to consider before having a baby. Going on regular check-ups, taking up supplements and hospitalization require a considerable amount of money. It is therefore better time to get pregnant when a woman and her partner are both financially independent and able to fulfill both mother’s and baby’s needs.

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