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    What causes female mustache?

    Hair distribution pattern in men and women differs due to hormonal differences. Male hormones are responsible for growth of mustache and beard. Excessive growth of hair in women is called hirsutism. It occurs most commonly due to an endocrine or hormonal disorder. In US, up to 10% of women are affected by this condition due to an increase in the level of male hormones or androgens. It may or may not be associated with a sinister medical condition.

    Psychosocial effects

    Presence of excessive facial hair including mustache is extremely embarrassing. It results in a feeling of inferiority, emotional distress and depression. It may be presumed by male members as highly unacceptable due to presumptive loss of feminine beauty. In more severe cases, it becomes a cosmetic problem. That is why the aim of treatment of this condition is both to rule out any serious disease and to improve cosmetic appearance. 

    What causes mustache in females?

    Though fine hair cover almost whole of body before puberty, they become coarser after puberty due to effect of androgens (male sex hormones) though in some areas like scalp and eyebrows, hair growth is independent of these hormonal changes. Dihydrotestosterone is the androgen that acts on hair follicles to convert them to coarse hair. This androgen is present in blood and also forms locally in the skin by conversion of testosterone. This requires the presence of an enzyme in the skin called 5-alpha-reductase. Normally in women, 5-alpha-reductase is not active while in women with mustache, this enzyme is hyperactive.

    Congenital adrenal hyperplasia: In women, these androgens are normally produced in adrenal glands in very small amounts. In a condition called ‘congenital adrenal hyperplasia’, both adrenal glands increase in size and produce excessive amount of androgens. This results in hirsutism and appearance of mustache in women.

    The aim of hirsutism treatment is both to rule out any serious disease and to improve cosmetic appearance.

    The aim of hirsutism treatment is both to rule out any serious disease and to improve cosmetic appearance.

    Cushing syndrome: Pituitary and adrenal tumors may result in hirsutism due to increased androgen production.

    Tumors: Ovarian and adrenal tumors which present with hirsutism may be benign or malignant.

    Polycystic ovary syndrome: PCOS is an endocrine disorder of women due to androgen  excess which is produced by ovary. It is characterised by ovulatory dysfunction, male pattern growth of hair including mustache, acne or rarely excessive masculinization. It is the most common cause of androgen excess in females and results in chronic anovulation and infertility.

    Familial hirsutism: In many cases, there is a positive family history of hirsutism. A familial occurrence may also be related to congenital adrenal hyperplasia and PCOS. This is diagnosed after excluding all of the above causes.

    Androgen supplementation: This is seen in female athletes who take androgens to improve their sports performance. Androgens not only cause increased bulk of muscles or masculinization but may also result in an increased growth of facial hair.

    Idiopathic hirsutism: This condition begins at puberty and the cause of appearance of mustache and other excessive hair is not known. If these changes appear for the first time during middle age or later, then adrenal or ovarian tumor is suspected.

    Treatment or hirsutism

    A complete assessment is essential. The time of appearance of facial hair, at puberty or later, onset of menses, fertility status, and any treatment with steroids are recorded. An imaging is performed by ultrasonography, computed tomography or magnetic resonance imaging. Blood analysis is done for hormone levels. Depending on the above information, treatment of the cause is done.

     Cosmetic treatment: Cosmetic treatment for the facial hair is done which ranges from bleaching to temporary or permanent hair removal. Some of the methods of hair removal include shaving, plucking, waxing or application of depilatory creams. Laser is also used for hair removal.

    Hirsutism requires a very rational approach to treatment with a sensitive touch. Though diagnostic testing is time consuming, it determines the type of intervention to treat the cause. Many patients require counseling and motivation.

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