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  • 04May

    Understanding How Temperatures Impact Our Health In Various Ways

    Some people might not have ever found themselves thinking that temperatures could really have anything to do with the medications that they are taking or their health in general. In order to ensure that you are always staying on top of the latest information out there in order to protect your health, you will want to learn more about this. This way, you can stay better protected and you might just walk away with a new appreciation for many industries within the field of healthcare.

    Storage Regulations

    There are a ton of rules and regulations that companies must follow when it comes to the storage of biological materials. If it is too hot or too cold, the materials will no longer be of any use. That is time, money, and possibly lives that are wasted. As you can imagine, this is not something to play around with.

    With biorepository, the professionals need to keep everything under specific climate control and there must always be a backup power source. Losing all power to the facility and therefore the biomaterial holding containers is simply not acceptable. This is why there is such an emphasis on having backup power sources. It is also important that the temperature readings are monitored and recorded properly. The best facilities will have alarm systems in place that will alert to a change in temperature before it is ever allowed to get to the point of damaging the biological materials that are being stored.

    thermo2How High Temperatures Play An Important Part In Our Health

    High temperatures – the kind that make you want to stay in bed all day – are both beneficial and dangerous to our health. But, how can it be both? Well, there is a very fine line that has to be walked. You must remember, that when we have a fever because of a virus or infection, the increased temperature on the thermometer can be a good sign. It is a sign that our body is naturally fighting off the nasty intruders (or viruses) so we can start to feel better.

    On the flip side, if our temperature increases too much, we can become severely injured. We could end up having a seizure, developing brain damage, or even passing away. This is not to scare you, but for you to appreciate how important heat, or a fever, can be for our bodies, as well as how dangerous it can be. It should be much easier to envision that fine line right now.

    Cold Transport

    If you ever find yourself in need of an organ transplant, there is a good chance that the organ will be transported to the hospital in a cooler. The organ will be kept nice and cold at specific temperatures to ensure that it stays healthy enough to be transplanted into someone.

    This can be confusing to many people, especially when they think of freezing temperatures and how if they got stuck out in the freezing weather that they would actually perish from it. And yet – an organ that is to be transplanted will arrive on ice…so to speak.

    As you can see, there are benefits of hot and cold temperatures for both your own well being and the total medical industry as a whole.

    Anna L.

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