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    How being spiritual can help you recover?

    Being Spiritual Can Save You!

    No one ever plans on having an addiction to a substance. But it happens and it happens all the time. Addicts seek out alcohol and drugs to escape that which makes them unhappy. Addicts struggle to cope and the drugs or alcohol become their coping mechanism. Therefore, they rationalize the addiction. Deep down we know that substance dependency is not healthy for us. And as it becomes the way to cope, we tell ourselves it’s okay because we are coping. But as it spirals out of control, we then are faced with the inevitable need to look at substance abuse programs.

    The Road to Recovery is Rocky

    Working a program to overcome your addiction is, by no means, for the weak. It takes a lot of strength to not only admit you need help, but you also have to ask for it, then do the healing work. We often recommend that the addicts use their spiritual path in conjunction with an addiction program. By acknowledging our spiritual self and using our spiritual practices alongside the program, we become whole people again. Because an addict is just a broken person. The pieces are all there, we must work to get the puzzle back together.

    recoverIt’s your Path, YOU Define It

    The addict often faces one of two conundrums:

    • The church-goer who has the addiction
    • The spiritually lost who has the addiction

    For the church-goer, it can be a hard road to examine why they have the addiction. Did they attend out of fear of obligation? Did they use their attendance to mask the truth, to put out the image that all was okay? Did they eventually slow down on how often they were attending? We assume the church-goer at some point lost the connection to the faith. So, we wonder, what happened for that disconnect to take place? Knowing a little bit about how the addiction took hold and how it played out for the church-goers role within their spiritual community helps.

    For the spiritually lost, this could be a lifelong mission to figure out what it is that they believe and what their practice should be. Were they raised in a particular spiritual path that did not resonate with them and they left that community altogether? Were they raised without spirituality and left to their own devices?

    For both instances, they get to figure out what works. They can experiment with meditation, prayers, song, dance, and spiritually based writing to figure out what works best for them. Many programs allow for addicts to attend church/temple services. Ultimately, the addict gets to redefine their spiritual selves. It could be as simple as going back to their original spiritual community or they could spend a lot of time learning about other paths and how that fits in with their beliefs.

    Practice Makes Perfect

    Regardless of your spirituality, there should be some daily practice that can help you through recovery. It should be something you can continue with for the rest of your life, yet fluid enough to keep you from getting too complacent. Meditation, with or without prayer, can be the best place to start. Spend just a few minutes in the morning and in the evening, being in the moment. If you wish to pray to a Higher Being, incorporate it. Focus on the morning meditation that sets your intentions for how your day will go. In the evening, be sure to express some gratitude. Throughout the day, write about your spiritual path.

    Spirituality is a beautiful thing that we sometimes distance ourselves from. Coming back to your spiritual self will bring you many happy rewards and can assist in a successful recovery from your addiction.

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