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  • 12Jan

    Sexual peak – when is the peak of women’s and men’s sexual needs?

    Men and women start getting sexually attracted to each other during the time of puberty. That happens more or less at the same age, however their desire for sex may not be at the same level. It is believed that men are more sexually active between 20 and 30. On the other hand, women are more sexually active between 30 and 40. There is still disagreement whether this has been scientifically proved or not. The society tends to take it as the norm though.
    Let’s look critically at the issue.

    Sexual peak

    By sexual peak we understand the age range in a life of a person where he or she reaches his/her top of sexual activity. It is not a coincidence that it happens in a certain point of life – it’s because our body is pushing us to satisfy its sexual needs during that age range.

    The sexual behavior of a person is influenced by its endocrine system. It is known that people reaching their sexual peak have the highest release of sexual hormones in the blood.

    Physiology of peaks in sexual needs

    Achieving a sexual peak is a matter of both physiology and psychology

    Achieving a sexual peak is a matter of both physiology and psychology

    Sexual needs start rising during puberty, both in males and females. They both start releasing hormones that increase their desire for sex. Boys start releasing more testosterone into their circulatory system, while girls start releasing more estrogen.

    If we look at it from a purely physiological point of view, both men and women reach their endocrine peak around their 20s. They both produce their highest level of hormones around their 20s. If that is the case, then they both should be  reaching their sexual peaks at the same time. Yet it seems only men reach their sexual peaks at that age and females reach it much later, in their 30s.

    Psychological point of view

    Women are generally much more shy. They don’t find it as easy as men to express their sexuality, especially in their early years. They may have strong desire inside but find it difficult to express it to the outside world.

    A girl in her younger age is advised by her family be very decent. She may have been thought of virtues of being a virgin before getting married. Different societies we live in do not allow a girl to express her sexual needs as she may have wanted to. Because of a fear of been judged by the people around her, a young girl will tend to hide her sexual desire. This can happen even though she may be at an age where her endocrine system is releasing the highest level of hormone into the blood.

    When a woman gets into her 30s, she becomes emancipated. She feels free to express herself. She is probably not a virgin anymore. She has probably dated a few men and she has tried different things. A women at that point is not that much ashamed to expressed her sexual life openly. Young girls may have an image issue with respect to how they are seen by public. Older woman don’t bother anymore about that image issue. They feel free to live their lives. That is why they are considered to be more sexually active in their 30s.

    Both men and women release the highest level of sex hormones in their 20s. That is their physiological sexual peak. Men are bold enough to express that sexual desire at the very moment where their hormones level is at their peak. Women find it a bit more difficult to express their sexual desire during their 20s even though their hormonal level suggests so. They feel more free to do it a bit later in their lives. During their 30s when they become psychically independent and free from prejudices.

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