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    The Secret to Saving Money on Your Dental Insurance

    Everyone likes saving money, right? Nobody likes paying too much for something when they know they could be putting that money towards something else. Dental insurance is no exception. There’s no reason you should be paying a ton for something that should be a basic human right – and you’ll be happy to know that there are ways to save. Here are a few secrets to saving money on your dental insurance.

    Following a Teeth-Conscious Diet

    Prevention is better than cure. Step one when it comes to taking proper care of your teeth is to follow a teeth-conscious diet. This firstly means that you’ve got to follow a healthy, balanced diet: Remember the food pyramid? Well, that’s a great start for your basic, daily food intake. From there, you want to make sure that you avoid overly sugary and bubbly things: No, overconsumption isn’t great for your teeth. A teeth-conscious diet also extends to careful eating: There’s nothing worse than chomping down and chipping a tooth on something like a small olive pip!

    dentist2Choosing the Right Plan

    Have you chosen the right dental insurance plan for your needs? Find one that fits your budget, but still covers everything you need to: Most dental insurance companies have several price options, ranging from the most basic to much more comprehensive cover. Shop around for the best dental insurance rates until you find one that’s exactly what you need. If you’ve already picked a plan and it doesn’t suit your current needs, consider switching.

    Teeth Care

    Don’t underestimate the value of regular, good old caring for your teeth. This involves brushing at least twice per day – though often not more, as this can do damage to the enamel; this also means you’ve got to floss regularly, and it’s recommended that you keep a stash of toothpicks handy for those hard-to-reach places in your mouth. We’ve already told you to monitor your consumption of overly sugary drinks, and we think we’ll go right ahead and say it again: Too much of a good thing, well, isn’t good anymore. Want to avoid having to cash in your dental insurance? Take care of your teeth!

    Regular Check-Ups

    Caring for your teeth also means that you have to go for regular check-ups. This is true for any other part of the body, too! Even when you think your health is perfectly fine, it’s always advised to go for regular checks. A visit to the dentists isn’t just for cavities anymore, either: You could benefit from a good, professional dental cleaning once in a while – and it’s likely that it’s covered by your dental insurance plan.

    Being a Low-Risk

    Insurance is all about risk-profiles, and when the time comes to use your insurance, you want to be low-risk. Why? Because low-risk often means that you pay less than you would if you were a high-risk client in the long run. Compare it to car insurance: Client #1 only drives back and forth to work for a distance of about five miles; they are healthy, and a careful driver. Client #2, on the other hand, has a commute halfway across town through miles of traffic, and they rush at high speeds during peak times to get there. Who do you think will pay more for car insurance?

    The same is true for your dental insurance. If you follow the advice mentioned above, you will be low-risk, and likely need to make use of your insurance less often – and this, in the long run, saves you money. Remember the key: Take care of your teeth!

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