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  • 28Apr

    Premature Ejaculation Is More Common That You Think

    If you thought erectile dysfunction was the single most common sexual performance problem among men…well, you certainly aren’t in the minority.  Not that this makes you any less mistaken on the issue, however – premature ejaculation is significantly more common.

    One of the similarities premature ejaculation shares with ED is the way in which it can be caused by an endless variety of very specific things, or absolutely nothing specific whatsoever. For example, a recent article highlighted the way in which even improper adolescent masturbation can lead to problems with premature ejaculation in later life.

    But what rings true across the entire spectrum is that where premature ejaculation is a problem, there is always a solution. There are countless DIY approaches, treatments and medications available these days that have the potential to make a big difference. It’s simply a case of acknowledging the problem, developing an awareness of the various potential solutions out there and bringing the matter to the attention of the professionals for further support and guidance.

    image2Desensitising creams and sprays

    For example, one immediate and often effective approach for temporary premature ejaculation relief is the use of desensitising creams and sprays. Such products are often used by those who do not suffer from such problems, but are simply looking to prolong sexual encounters for as long as possible. As the name suggests, such products are applied directly to the genitals before sex, in order to reduce sensation and sensitivity, replaced instead by temporary numbness.

    For obvious reasons, this can help prevent premature ejaculation by way of sensory reduction. On the downside, it can also reduce sexual pleasure significantly and when used incorrectly even make it difficult to achieve or maintain an erection in the first place. Nevertheless, they are cheap, readily available and easy to use, so usually worth at least trying.

    Antidepressant drugs and pain killers

    Prescription drugs should always be looked at as something of a last resort and should of course only ever be used under the guidance of a medical professional. Nevertheless, certain prescription painkillers and antidepressants have been linked with improvements in cases of premature ejaculation. It all comes down to the balance of serotonin in the brain – serotonin levels that are too low can lead to PE, suggesting that increasing serotonin levels could help prevent or treat ED.

    The single biggest problem with this theory being the way in which it is impossible to accurately measure serotonin levels. Nevertheless, some doctors who have trialled certain prescription painkillers and antidepressants have reported their patients coming back with nothing but positive things to say about their effectiveness.

    Sexual behavioural therapy exercises

    This is technically the official medical term for any process whereby a somewhat physical approach is taken to the treatment and prevention of premature ejaculation. Generally speaking, this involves the individual’s partner stimulating them in a way that eventually leads to ejaculation. The idea being that along with becoming more aware of the feelings and sensations that lead up to ejaculation, the individual also develops a higher tolerance level to these feelings and sexual stimulation in general.

    According to experts, this kind of approach can be effective for approximately 90% of cases of premature ejaculation within no more than around three months. It can be particularly effective in instances where the problem is attributed almost entirely to hyper-sensitivity, slowly but surely building the kind of tolerance that can reduce or even eliminate premature ejaculation.

    Increased sexual activity

    Last but not least, in any instances where premature ejaculation is caused by either mental or physical factors or any combination thereof, the solution may be as simple as increasing the frequency of sexual activity. For example, in instances where premature ejaculation is attributed to nervousness, anxiety or the inability to control levels of arousal, it could simply be that engaging in sexual activities on a more regular basis removes much of the nervousness that would usually accompany it. While it’s not a particularly exciting way to look at it, what you’re actually doing is taking an occasional activity that never fails to test your limitations and turning it into something a little more everyday…perhaps very slightly routine.

    There are two very appealing plus points to this particular approach – the first of which being it does not require any outside intervention, medications or anything else whatsoever. The second of course being that it represents the perfect excuse to begin having more sex on a more regular basis! Which means that even if it doesn’t work, you won’t have lost anything in the process and might have at least had a few fun encounters in the interim!

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