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  • 20Oct

    Pregnancy and libido – does pregnancy affect women’s libido?

    Pregnancy is a period when a woman’s egg is fertilized until she delivers a baby. This period is influenced by hormonal fluctuations within the woman’s body. A hormone is a substance that is secreted by the endocrine gland and released into the blood stream. The release of that hormone into the blood consequently affects the behavior of other organs and ultimately the behavior of a person.

    The behavior of a woman changes throughout the course of pregnancy. She may become more aggressive for some time or start feeling more passionate during the other stage of the pregnancy. A lot of woman have reported to have an increased sexual desire after few weeks of pregnancy. Others don’t seem to experience that same thing. Here is some information that will help you better understand what is going on inside a woman during pregnancy that may affect her libido.

    Hormonal secretion in a pregnant woman

    Both men a women produce sex hormones. In a women the key sex hormones are estrogen and progesterone. During puberty these are the hormones responsible for secondary sexual characteristics (pubic hair, breast development, enlarged waist). An increased level of these hormones in a woman will make her feel more sexy. This is exactly what happens few weeks after becoming pregnant.

    Never say 'no' to a pregnant women ;)

    Never say ‘no’ to a pregnant women ;)

    During the first weeks of pregnancy a woman may feel uneasy. She may experience morning sickness, vomiting, increased saliva, tiredness and exhaustion. This may go on for the initial 3 months. Later on the woman will start experiencing an increase in the production of estrogen and progesterone. This will lead to an increase of blood flow around the genitals and the breast area. Because of that, those areas become more sensitive to touch. The woman becomes more easily aroused.

    While being pregnant some females develop so great appetite for sex that they end up worried whether they are not overdoing it.  Rest assured there is nothing wrong with having sex with your partner during pregnancy. In fact you can have sex as many times as you want supposing your doctor hasn’t detected any complications.

    Other causes of increased libido in a woman during pregnancy

    Every young woman knows that her body is following a cycle referred to menstruation cycle. When not being pregnant, a woman is a bit more careful when having sex. She just doesn’t want to become pregnant when not planned. As she is pregnant already, she knows that there is nothing to fear. She can have sex as many times as she wants without holding back. It can’t possibly lead to another pregnancy.

    Some men also tend to see their wives much more attractive when pregnant. They get closer and more intimate with their pregnant partner. The woman feeling more desired at that point will also tend to respond positively to sex during that period.

    Risk for the baby

    The position is which you are having sex may matter especially in later stages of the pregnancy when your belly has grown bigger. Always adopt position that will not put pressure on the belly. It is also advised not to blow inside the vagina when practicing oral sex during pregnancy.
    Women tend to fear that a vaginal penetration will hurt the baby inside. That is not the case. The baby is kept safe inside the amniotic fluid and man’s genital organ cannot reach there.

    If you ever feel that your libido is going high during your pregnancy, don’t worry – it is normal. Just enjoy your sexual life with your partner as you are waiting for that beautiful bouncing baby to come.

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