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    Medical Innovations To Watch Out For

    The year 2016 witnessed a number of shifts in the health landscape of the world with the emergence of Zika virus epidemic in Brazil, the legalization of Marijuana in certain US states as well as the opioid epidemic. The present year promises innovations and new advances in the healthcare industry that could be just round the corner.

    With improved access to wellness experts and doctors and a knowledge of the latest innovations in the medical field, people can surely take better care of their health. The latest discoveries in the field of medicine will surely influence the healthcare of millions around the globe. Some of these innovations are available to the end consumer in the form of portable gadgets, while others are found only behind-the-scenes at various medical institutions worldwide. Let’s take a look at some of them here:

    genesGene Editing

    The gene editing biotechnology, also called CRISPR, is a new technology that helps scientists tweak portions of the DNA. This new discovery could help eliminate diseases such as sickle cell anemia, even before a child is born. In an adult, the technology could be used to change the T cells, where HIV infects, so the virus cannot get in. The technology is also being applied to plants.

    Medical Devices That You Can Wear

    More and more people now buy and wear health devices that measure everything from fitness activities to their heart rate and blood pressure. The CES 2017 technology show in Las Vegas showcased the newest innovations in the wearable health device technology. Experts say that the wearable devices introduced this year could start to measure parameters like insulin and glucose through the skin. The convenience of wearing a medical device to measure insulin, glucose and other health parameters is bound to revolutionize the field of diagnostic testing.

    Using Recreational Drugs As A cure

    Over the last decade, the field of medicine has witnessed the use of illegal drugs such as ecstasy to treat PTSD and marijuana to treat pain and nausea. Scientists are now finding the medicinal use of LSD to cure suicidal behavior, psychedelic mushrooms for curing cancer pain and anxiety and the use of Kratom for memory and focus. Medical practitioners are excited at the possibility to introduce these recreational drugs as mainstream medicines.

    Climate And Health

    Scientists will also be looking in the present year at the way climate is having an effect on the health issues. Scientists say that the increase in temperatures around the globe have impacted not only the crops, but also the rise of vector born diseases such as the Zika virus, West Nile virus and the diseases spread by mosquitoes and ticks. Scientists are likely to come up with innovative studies that reveal how the bacteria and virus change under the impact of climate.

    The new finds in the field of medicine are sure to impact the health of millions around the globe by making healthcare accessible to more and more people.

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