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    What is hormonal replacement therapy?

    Human body is a complex system that encompasses a wide variety of functions. All the activities that we take part in are reliant to our current well being and any adjustments in it might bring about dramatic flow of events. Just like every single thing, our body also undergoes certain changes in time. As a child gets older, he or she is sure to have significant transformations that are essential in one’s functioning in years to come. These changes can be caused by different agents and one of them is what we call hormones. Before we delve deeper into the topic, let’s have a basic review of what hormones are.


    Hormones are chemical substances that are secreted by certain glands in our body. They act as messengers between cells and cause several activities such as growth and development. A simple analogy could be applied on this:  vehicles run on gas, and some organs in our body are being operated by hormones. Aside from this function, they also help to maintain balanced levels of chemical compounds within our bloodstream and this leads to a state of inner equilibrium or otherwise called as homeostasis. Hormones play a vital role in our lives as they serve a lot of purposes that are essential in our functioning.

    Hormonal disorder

    Hormonal Replacement Therapy Pills

    Hormonal Replacement Therapy Pills

    However, there would be times when there is a decrease in the production of a certain hormone when an individual gets older, or even in worst case: the absence of it. Lacking a specific hormone would eventually lead to alterations in cellular function and this could be crucial. An example would be a woman in her menopausal years, where her ovaries produce little estrogen or even none at all. This hormone is responsible for a woman’s sexual traits such as breast changes and monthly periods. Because of these hormonal disorders women who are in their late 50’s are more likely to experience hot flushes (which is the most common symptom) and dryness of vagina. To alleviate the symptoms of climacteric period some women are taking several restorative measures which would help to correct this condition. This can be accomplished with Hormonal Replacement Therapy (HRT).

    Hormonal Replacement Therapy

    This kind of medical regime refers to a period when a patient is regularly receiving natural hormones either to compensate a lack of one hormone or to substitute another one. Some forms of HRT that are widely used may include treatment of menopause, hormones for trans-gender people and androgen replacement therapy which is utilized for battling the adverse effects of hypogonadism, as well as to slow down the effect of aging process among men. HRT can also be very helpful when our overall wellness is concerned. There are instances that it is used for treatment of heart ailments, dementia or osteoporosis for women.

    Form of hormone drug

    These clinically-prepared hormones could either come as systemic therapies or low-dose products. Systemic therapy would include skin patches, gels, pills or sprays. These are the most effective when it comes to treating the symptoms brought about by menopause. Other forms could also exist as cream, tablets or in ring forms. These products could also help in easing some vaginal and urinary discomfort, however its effects are lesser in scope comparing to other forms.

    Before submitting oneself to HRT, the risk associated with it should also be taken into consideration. People who are taking hormones are predisposed to many adverse effects such as stroke, formation of blood clots or breast cancer. Having this in mind could possibly lead to a huge dilemma.

    If you think that Hormonal Replacement Therapy could be beneficial for you, consult it with your doctor. He will be able to explain everything to you step by step and will inform you of all pros and cons that are connected with such treatment.

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