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    Health problems of obesity – why is obesity dangerous?

    Human body is very delicate, thus it is protected by layers of fat. While body fat has a lot to offer as it serves a variety of purposes (like thermoregulating our vital organs by keeping them in a stable temperature), it also acts as a cushion that weakens the external factors impact on our body.

    However, too much body fat doesn’t sound so good when we’re talking about our health and especially when someone is close to the obesity. We’re going to take a glimpse on obesity and some of the potential health problems and risks that it brings.

    What is obesity?

    Obesity is known as a condition when there is an excessive accumulation of fat in body, which in turn predisposes one to a trimmed life expectancy and other health issues such as diabetes and heart disease. This has been a major world concern as the number of people who are considered obese is growing rapidly and it knows no boundaries. Whether an adult or a child, everyone is at risk of becoming obese.

    What causes obesity?

    Being obese is actually caused by several factors such as genetics, medications or mental illness. However, it is also brought about by the ever-changing lifestyle that we are having:

    Obesity is not only esthetic matter but also a serious disorder

    Obesity is not only esthetic matter but also a serious disorder

    Wrong diet – one of the main reasons behind obesity is instant and palatable food choice. When a person indulges in a diet that is high in fat, sugar, and oil, he or she is guaranteed a good spot in the obese community.

    Sedentary lifestyle – being a couch potato isn’t and will never be a recommended lifestyle for anyone. Having a large intake of food matched up with no energy consumption would surely pave the way to obesity. Lack of physical activity (brought about by heavy reliance on automobiles) and work that demands less effort have also been linked to the said condition.

    What are the potential health problems of obesity?

    An obese person is at risk and predisposed to a handful of dangerous health conditions. Some of these illnesses would often involve heart (like coronary heart disease). An excessive amount of fat in the body might often create a plug in our arteries causing heart attacks. It may also be the cause of lifestyle-acquired diabetes (type 2), when the body can not fully digest glucose causing an elevated blood sugar level. Hypertension or a drastic increase in blood pressure could also be triggered by obesity. This is a very serious condition that should not be taken lightly, as it may lead to worse medical cases such as a brain attack (stroke).

    Aside from effects on the cardiovascular and endocrine aspects of our body, obese individuals may also experience sleep apnoea. This refers to a situation when there is a drop in the rate or complete absence of breathing during sleep.

    Another dangerous health issue that is more likely to occur is osteoarthritis. Since there is too much fat accumulated, especially on the trunk, it causes great pressure on lower parts of our bodies and especially on bones and joints.

    Elevated cholesterol levels, gallbladder, liver diseases and gynecologic problems can also be a big worry for obese people.


    Obesity could be managed through lifestyle change. This can be done by engaging in physical activities like exercises and sport. A change in diet could also come in handy. Having a low caloric intake is the most important factor for this part.

    Several weight loss medications are also available for those who are subject to a specific medical regimen. Others might have to go under the knife and this is what they call bariatric surgery.

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