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    What can I do to relieve pain from standing all day?

    Do you presently work a day job or have a daily schedule that requires you to be on your feet most of the time? Though you may have heard how bad it is to have a desk job, standing all day can have some of the same adverse effects on your health. In fact, bank tellers, cashiers, wait staff, are more likely to suffer from back and neck pain, foot issues, and heart disease. If you currently hold one of the mentioned careers, it is necessary for you to take precautions to both prevent and soothe the pain experienced from prolonged periods of standing. Here’s how:

    shoes1Choose the Right Footwear

    When you’re standing for more than two or three hours at a time each day, what you have on your feet can make a big difference. If you want to relieve and/or prevent pain, invest in shoes that provide comfort and support – particularly in the arch area. If necessary, you can add shoe liners and cushions for more comfort. If you have foot issues already, you may want to invest in orthotic inserts for plantar fasciitis. This will keep the plantar fascia ligament from becoming strained throughout the day.

    Move Around a Bit

    Standing in the same position for too long can cause your muscles to get weak and your body to become sore. To avoid these complications and discomfort, it is recommended that you move around a little. If you happen to be a cashier or bank teller and don’t have the luxury of moving around freely, try to at least change your standing position so that your body doesn’t stiffen up on you.

    Check Your Posture

    If you’re slumped over halfway through the day from the pain and discomfort of standing, your poor posture could make matters worse. It is important that you stand tall and straight to avoid getting hurt. According to the American Chiropractic Association, proper standing posture is when you place all your weight on the balls of your feet, bend your knees slightly and keep your feet a shoulder’s length apart. Make sure that your arms are naturally by their side and that your shoulders are back.

    Take Your Breaks Sitting Down

    When you’re relieved of your duties for a while, it is a good idea to take a break. You can head over to the resting area in your place of business and elevate your feet to improve circulation and rest the body. Taking slow deep breaths can also help to relieve the pain and relax the body.

    Do Stretches Regularly

    A good stretch can go a long way to helping reduce and prevent pain from standing all day at work. You can try leg stretches and calf lifts when there’s nothing much to do. A great one to try is to stand on your toes for five to ten seconds. Then, slowly squat down and up repeatedly.

    Talk with Your Employer

    If you’re really experiencing a lot of pain from the demands of standing in the workplace, you may need to speak with your employer. They may be able to look into ergonomic furniture options or introduce new policies and procedures that allow their staff to have more downtime, a chair for sitting during slow periods, and other ideas to reduce pain and discomfort of their staff.

    When the requirements of your job demand that you stand for periods of more than two hours at a time, it isn’t uncommon to experience periodic or ongoing pain and discomfort. To reduce these symptoms and to prevent other health issues from developing, it is recommended that you follow the above-mentioned tips to take care of yourself. If self-help measures aren’t working, remember to talk to your employer about making changes. They value their employees and will be willing to work with you to come to some resolve.

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