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    5 Things You Should Know About Tattoo Removal Artist

    Are you an aspiring or already established tattoo removal artist? If you are, then you are on the right career path. Tattoo removal is on high demand and venturing into this career space will connect you to great job opportunities. So what does it entail to be a tattoo removal artist?

    To answer that question, here are 5 things you should know about the tattoo removal artistry profession.

    1.    The Tattoo Removal Artist’s Training

    A tattoo removal artist should be a fully certified laser operator. There are established rules and regulations in each state which the artist has to abide by, otherwise, he or she will be operating illegally.

    An artist should have the necessary certification proving that he or she underwent the proper training and is fully conversant with all the procedures that need to be done. The depth of knowledge in performing the tattoo removal procedure is also a good indicator that the artist is properly trained.

    tattoo12.    The Level Of Tattoo Removal Proficiency

    A tattoo removal artist should have a high level of proficiency in conducting the tattoo removal procedure. Proof for the proficiency of the artist is the portfolio of work that he or she has done showing photos before the tattoo was removed and the results after it has been removed.

    A proficient tattoo removal artist should have a portfolio of around 10 or so clients that he or she has worked with and has achieved excellent results.

    3.    The Tattoo Removal Artist’s Aftercare Program

    Removing the tattoo on someone’s body is a process on its own and some of the important questions people ask a removal artist performing the procedure is whether the process will be painful or not, whether the laser used will leave you with a scar, how long it will take for the tattoo to be completely removed and the details of the healing process.

    This is where aftercare comes in. A tattoo removal artist should have a full aftercare program for the clients he or she works with, a program that is fully geared towards the complete treatment and healing of the skin once the tattoo is completely removed.

    4.    The Tattoo Removal Artist’s Cost

    To be very honest, tattoo removal is a very costly procedure. Most artists charge per inch of ink and the costs range between $100 to $200. A professional artist should have a cost breakdown indicating the different price ranges for the different tattoo sizes and tattoo colors that he or she removes. Costs should also include those of aftercare treatment offered once the removal procedure is done.

    5.    The Tattoo Removal Artist’s Laser Used

    There are many Q-switched lasers being used for tattoo removal, and they differ in their level of performance. An artist should use the best laser available with the highest level of standards. The Cynosure (formerly Hoya ConBio) Medlite C6 is the best performing because of its ability to switch between wavelengths to target different ink colors. This is a highly recommended best tattoo removal laser to be used by a tattoo removal artist.

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