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    5 Signs You Need Substitution, not Medication

    If you’ve been feeling a little down and think there’s something wrong with your health, you’re probably right. However, it might not entirely be related to medicine. Sometimes, you need some special attention and me-time. That’s all which can help improve your mental and physical health.

    1. If You’re Sleeping Less

    In case you have not been sleeping as per your regular timings, there are a few reasons which contribute to the issue. From factors as common as stress, appetite loss, distraction to as serious as development of a hidden health concern; reasons may vary. However, there is one thing you must instantly change: your pillow.

    Sometimes, all you need is a good pillow replacement because it has been years using the current one. Who even remembers to change their pillows unless they tear up? If you’re looking to change your pillows, consider these options: https://vjpillow.com/best-body-reviews/

    food2. If You’re Eating Less

    It’s a myth that you need to consistently eat the same, healthy diet throughout your life. It is important that the body is given a chance to discover new flavors, understand and adapt to them or reject them completely.

    Consuming a little dessert on the weekend can actually be a good habit for your stomach. Not only will you feel release of happy hormones, but also enjoy tingling your taste buds.

    3. If You’ve Lost Interest

    Sometimes, we feel disappointed and bored of life. This again is the cause of having the same routine. Whether it’s your exercising routine or your work load, everything needs to be managed and substituted.

    The most important thing to understand in life is change. As the wise say, the only thing certain in life is uncertainty. If we cannot predict our future, how can we predict something for our body? Our body and our routine needs constant change. It is healthy for both the mind and the soul. Change your route from work to home or change your mode of commute, it’s the little things that count.

    4. If You’ve Been Procrastinating

    There comes a saturation point when you simply start detesting work and do not want to live up to the goals you had initially set. The best thing to do then would be to change your job.

    While it may not be possible for everyone to change their jobs, it is possible to change the way you work. Instead of piling things, start setting new goals and taking a new direction. You can even introduce yourself to new courses and directions which you may not have explored before. This will really help you gain back your focus.

    5. If You Haven’t Learnt Anything New

    You need to constantly evaluate your life and see what new things you have learnt. If you have not learnt a single new thing in a course of 2 months, you really need to change your habits. Sit down today and make a list of the new things you have learnt over the course of previous month. This activity will really help open your eyes!

    Learning can be in the form of little things such as a new recipe, a new hairdo or even a new DIY craft. Your mind needs to be open to learning, despite the routine or the age. This will help you feel interested and focused in life.

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