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    5 Causes of nerve pain that you should know about

    Nerve pain is a painful condition that is caused by several conditions. Pain related to the nerves is normally a reaction of the nervous system when a body part is either injured or hurt. This results in the nerves sending signals to the brain that something is not right which causes the pain.

    People experiencing nerve pain get a burning or tingling, pain which might be random, come and disappear or constantly bother them. Nerve pain is normally accompanied with some numbness and if not treated early, it might get worse. Here are the top five causes of nerve pain that you should be aware of.

     Surgical procedures

     Surgeries that involve mostly amputation of a body part normally cause nerve pain. Having undergone an amputation, you might experience nerve pain. This is because a loss of an arm or a leg signifies that something is not right in your body. This prompts the brain to release signals to counteract what’s happening around the area of the missing part. The pain might also be felt in other body parts such as toes or fingers.

    Body infections

    Different types of infections can lead to nerve pain. Depending on the level of infection, some people might experience more pain as compared to others. Infections such as syphilis, HIV or AIDS can send stabbing pains every once in a while. Others include shingles where a condition called postherpetic neuralgia causes the nerve fibers affected by the rash to hurt. The pain is persistent and recurring even after the rash has disappeared.


    Numerous diseases can cause nerve pain which includes HIV, cancer, kidney disease, diabetes, among other tumor-related diseases. Diseases caused by unhealthy lifestyles such as consumption of excess alcohol and excess smoking habits can also lead to the development of nerve pain.

    Diabetic patients, especially those suffering from chronic diabetes usually feel pain in their limbs. Certain diseases like cancer and most tumors grow out of the nerves which makes the pain more severe. During treatment, some of the nerves might also be damaged causing pain.

    Physical injuries

    An accident where you sustain a physical injury or physical injuries either on the muscles or joints or your limbs or spinal cord can lead to nerve pain. Whether you might have accidentally fallen, hit against something or got involved in a road accident, as long as your tissue or joints are hurt this can damage the nerves. The nerve pain can last close to several years after the encounter depending on the extent of the injury.

    Vitamin B deficiencies

    Apart from lifestyle habits like excessive smoking and intake of alcohol, bad eating habits can also cause nerve pain. The lack of vitamin B can lead to nerve pain if you suffer from alcoholism, chronic conditions like HIV, among other conditions that can cause its deficiency. Ensure that your diet contains enough and healthy amounts of meats, grains, fruits, and vegetables.

    If not treated early, nerve pain can worsen your health by disrupting the normal running of your daily activities. Supplements are available to help you deal with the pain. These supplements may help relieve nerve pain and avoid serious disability and complications from developing.

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