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  • 13Jun

    5 Benefits to getting a face massage

    One of the most effective age-old techniques in transforming one’s skin to a healthier and glowing look is a good facial massage. When it comes to your daily skin care and beauty routine, beauty experts urge people to include it. A lot of people visit beauty salons in order to get a facial massage, but it can also be done at home with only the proper use of face or eye massagers. It is safe and cost-effective and comes with a lot of benefits.

    Here are five benefits to getting a face massage.

    face11. It promotes blood circulation.

    Good blood circulation can do a lot of things for your overall health and wellness. Getting a face massage can promote the blood circulation in your face. Just like how your shoulders or back need a good massage, your face muscles deserve the same amount of care. A face massage increases the blood and oxygen flow. When your face has good blood circulation, it also rejuvenates the skin cells and nourishes the skin which will ultimately contribute to clear and younger-looking skin. Softly massage the soft lines around the mouth, brow, and eye area daily.

    2. It reduces the appearance of eye bags and dark circles.

    Eye bags and dark circles are extremely annoying especially when you want your picture taken. It gets frustrating when you have to constantly hide it with a concealer. Dark circles and eye bags are a result of water retention but can be easily be combated if you regularly get a face massage. A proper face massage is an effective way to prevent water retention in your eye area. In no time, you will say goodbye to pesky dark circles and eye bags.

    3. It tightens the facial muscles.

    Part of having a younger looking skin is tight muscles on the face. Facial sagging is a distressing condition that no one wants to deal with. Getting a good face massage can tighten the facial muscles and prevent the skin from sagging.  It’s a natural facelift that needs no additional machine and money to spend. Include this in your daily beauty routine in order to overcome or prevent sagging in the future.

    4. It helps absorb vitamins and minerals from beauty products better into the skin.

    No matter how premium or high-quality your beauty products are if it is not absorbed properly to your skin, it won’t do its job perfectly. In order to increase the effectiveness of your treatments and skincare regimen, spend a few minutes every day to massage your face muscles. It helps absorb more products into your skin.

    5. It relieves tension.

    Stress and pollution can cause tension to the skin and when your face tense up, you are more likely to get fine lines and wrinkles. Make some time for you to get a face massage to relieve the tension in your face muscles. In order to effectively prevent getting fine lines and wrinkles, regularly get a face massage to relax the skin and muscles in your face.

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